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A very enjoyable part of our job is making sure that you're always smiling. These next pages will show you our work on people that wanted to improve their appearance or fix major deficiencies in their teeth. These are cases that we do on a daily basis. These are not professional models or doctored up pictures, but the real thing.

If you're not exactly happy with your smile, I can give you an idea of what can be done via cosmetic video imaging. You'd be surprised at how affordable this kind of work can be. Give our staff a call and they can schedule a cosmetic consult to see if we can meet your needs.


Three Empress Veneers

We replaced an old composite veneer and repaired the fracture on another tooth. The lateral incisor on the left was veneered to give a better blend to the overall smile.


Empress Veneers and Crowns

This patient fractured several teeth and as you can see from the final result, you'd never be able to tell that anything "unusual" happened. These restorations are all porcelain and are bonded to the teeth. No metal was used in their fabrication.


Multiple Empress crowns and veneers

This patient presented with severe decay in several of her teeth. We decided to use crowns and veneers to restore the lost tooth structure and provide her with a beautiful smile. The end result speaks for itself. If you'll note the lateral incisor on the left of the picture is her natural tooth. It was bleached to match the new color of the crowns and veneers.

One thing that does stand out is her continued poor hygiene. I was a bit disappointed to see that as healthy gum tissue also contributes to the overall appearance.

Veneers and Crowns

This patient's primary goal was to reduce the space between her front teeth and the "bucky" look. This case was done with a combination of veneers and crowns. She was VERY happy with the final result.

Crowns, Veneers & Bridge

The need for some kind of restoration both cosmetic and functional is very evident here. This was accomplished via a series of crowns, veneers and a bridge. A multitude of different technologies was used in restoring this case. She can't stop smiling.

Veneers & Crowns

This patient had just been through gum surgery and wanted to get rid of the spaces and the "long-in-the-tooth" look. We did just that for her by placing veneers and crowns.

Ceramic Crowns & Bridge

A fairly serious accident left this patient with many loose teeth and one knocked out. The first photo is approximately 3-4 weeks following the accident. If you look closely you can see the temporary fillings that were placed on several of the teeth on top and bottom. The final photo reveals an all ceramic lower bridge and two All-Ceramic crowns on the middle front teeth.

Orthodontics & Veneers

This patient was unhappy with results following orthodontics. She did not like the spaces. We did a preliminary treament plan work up and the end result after using four porcelain veneers is demonstrated above.


Empress Crowns

Several old crowns with recurrent decay led us to think about replacement of the existing crowns. We achieved this via full coverage Empress crowns. A much nicer result. The after photos were taken the day of cementation and show some gum irritation which subsequently resolved.

In many of the cases shown credit should be given to Bayview Dental Laboratories out of Chesapeake, Virginia. I couldn't do the kind of work shown here without their help.


This patient had orthodontics but was not entirely pleased with the end result nor the fluorosis (white spots) on her teeth. We placed 6 veneers and as you can see the results are dramatic.

Porcelain Veneers

It's not always about the complete makeover. This is an example of the great utility of our current dental technologies. Two porcelain veneers were placed. She loves them.

Porcelain Veneers

The above was the result of a chronic "lemon habit". Once the enamel was gone the teeth wore very rapidly. We replaced it all via four veneers.

If you're unhappy with your current smile give us a call and schedule an evaluation. Let us give you the smile you've always wanted. We've got the knowledge and experience to meet your every need. We sure you'll be happy with the end result. We also provide a full range of bleaching services if all you need is a brighter smile.


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