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Home Bleaching Instructions and Information

What did I get?

You were given a bleaching tray which is specific to only you. It fits on either the top or bottom teeth. You should have been instructed in its' use. Also given were cartridges containing the bleaching solution, a case to store your bleaching tray and a patient instruction manual. We currently use the Opalescence and Nupro Gold bleaching systems.

What do I do next?

We recommend two different methods of bleach timing dependent on your specific time constraints. The first method is such that you use the bleaching tray/bleach combo for 2 hours following a thorough brushing of your teeth. The second method has you using the bleaching system while you sleep. The choice is really yours and both will work well.

Additionally, if you've been given the Opalescence 35% bleach, the bleach time is now cut down to 30 minutes per session.

When do my teeth get whiter?

You can expect results within the first 2-3 days of bleaching. Following that, your teeth will progressively lighten until they reach a maximal level. This is reached in approximately 7-10 days. Some individuals will lighten more and some less. There is no means of predicting just how white your teeth will become. If the initial course of bleaching has not resulted in any lightening of your teeth, call the office and we may need to adjust the concentration on the bleach solution.

Please note that the success of the bleaching process is dependent on the consistency with which you apply the bleach. For example if you skip days for whatever reason, the end result will probably not be what you expected. Consistency is the key reason for success.

Will this harm my teeth?

To date there have been no studies that have shown that any harm is done to the teeth. Some people may experience an increase in cold sensitivity that is relieved by discontinuance of the bleaching process. Call our office if this occurs as I can have you use a fluoride gel in combination with the bleaching solution. This should cut down on any further sensitivity.

How long does this last?

It varies a lot and is dependent on what you eat and drink. If for example you are a heavy smoker and coffee drinker you may experience darkening of your teeth sooner than someone else who does not. This is usually easily remedied by using the bleach solution for a couple of days. If you run out of bleach solution just call the office and we can get you more.

My gums are sensitive what do I do?

Some individuals are sensitive to the bleaching solution which is a form of peroxide. If this occurs, discontinue use immediately and call our office for a checkup appointment. In instances where an individual cannot use the home bleaching method we can actually perform the bleaching in the office by placement of a rubber dam which isolates the tissues from the bleaching solution.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered by this document, please do not hesitate to call the office. Someone will be able to help you.

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